Jul 08, 2022 · When running Arm64 code, hardware enforces this rule, but there is no hardware enforcement for x64. While running x64 code, erroneously calling functions with an unaligned stack may go unnoticed indefinitely, until some 16-byte alignment instruction is used (some SSE instructions do) or Arm64EC code is called.. "/>

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The alignment value supported on arm64 must be a power of 2 and in the range of [8, 2048]. Examples: PCALIGN $16 MOVD $2, R0 // This instruction is aligned with 16 bytes. PCALIGN $1024 MOVD $3, R1 // This instruction is aligned with 1024 bytes. PCALIGN also changes the function alignment. If a function has one or more PCALIGN directives, its.

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